Sustainable Living

Sustainable living means you are living a conscious lifestyle where you are aware of your personal responsibility towards other lives. Humans and the environment should be able to coexist, and here it is obvious that you think about how your actions affect our planet and other individuals, today as well as in the future. In order to establish sustainable development, we need to think about our own lifestyles and choices.

A part of sustainable living is how to look at our usage of the resources we have at hand, and not least when it comes to our everyday needs, such as transport. For example, we are today used to owning our own cars, using them for just a short period of time during the day, and then once we consider them old or don’t find that they satisfy our needs, we buy a new one. Most people follow this pattern despite them not being in need of a car for the better part of a day, and despite the fact that owning a car entails several costs such as taxes, maintenance, service, fuel, parking, and so on. One way to break this pattern is through embracing the ideas that come with the sharing economy. There are today several ways of getting around without owning a car, and it’s not public transport that we’re talking about.

By taking part of the new services we have for car hire, where you can rent a car directly from car owners in your proximity, you act beneficially for the environment as well as for your wallet. This type of solution exists today in the two services SnappCar and Gomore, which offer a platform for car owners to get into contact with people looking to rent vehicles. With these modern solutions, it is more possible than ever before to have sustainable living whilst you simultaneously cater to your transportation needs. The same goes of course for car owners who now can earn money off of their cars much easier than ever before, and at the same time enable people to make us of the resources that already exist.


Besides the benefits this brings to the environment and your economy, it gives you the opportunity to join the enjoyable community of car owners and renters, and lets you contribute to it. For example, Gomore’s users give each other ratings of between 4,8 and 5 stars in average, and many reviews tell of the nice meetings people have had with the owners where they have been very pleased with their treatment and handover of the car. Perhaps you find a car that is available on your street which you can turn to continuously to rent, or maybe as a car owner you find someone who wants to rent your car several times who you know you can trust with your car. Regardless, you here get access to a community which knows how to use each others resources¬†for mutual gain, and thus you find an easy way into more sustainable living.