Make Money

Did you know that the average car is standing still more than 90 % of the time? In fact, cars in Europe stand still 23 hours a day on average. So if you own a car which you are not dependent on every day, it would be wise to consider renting it out, it helps your economy as well as the environment! We will here tell you more about how it can help you economically to rent your car out through the available services today, i.e. through GoMore and Snappcar, which offer new solutions for car rentals. You can read more abut how these work here.

How can your car make you money?

Registering your car with Gomore and SnappCar is entirely free. It isn’t until someone pays you for renting your car that they take a share. You decide yourself how often you want your car to be available for rental, and how much you wish to charge for it. Thus giving you the possibility to make more money off of your car by creating a more unique ad. This should display the car’s best features and appeal to potential renters. Several guides are available as to how the perfect car ad should look like. However some basic tips are that you make sure to photograph the car when it is clean, and get many shots from different angles which show its best sides. Make sure the lighting is good when shooting it and that you get some shots of the interior as well. Valuable information for people looking to rent a car include the car’s MPG, if it has been kept well with service and the likes, how it has been used, and other features it might have. The more useful information you can provide, the more of an edge you will have on other ads.

SnappCar offers a model for calculating the price on your car if you are not sure as to how much you should ask for renting it out. You are always able to change the price afterwards if you wish. Other fees can also be charged, for example many owners include a set amount of disposable kilometers which, once exceeded, will cost the renter per extra kilometer.

Why not earn money off of your car?

In short, your car will cost you a lot of money even when you are not using it. Acquiring the car is unfortunately just the first expense, then follows taxes, insurance, fuel, maintenance and so on. Car ownership can, even if you don’t own a high-end car, set you back a considerable amount each month. Which probably feels unnecessary when most of the time it is standing still, rather than being used to its full potential. Would it then not be wiser to let someone else help you with these costs, by renting your car out when it is not being used anyway? Not only does it allow you to spend your money in other, more enjoyable places, you are also enabling others to make use of the resources that already exist, instead of buying new things – helping them as well as the environment.