How does it work

With the need of more sustainable solutions for our planet, the perks brought by the sharing economy market model become more and more sought after in contemporary society. A great part of the sharing economy’s ideas lies in how we seek new means of transportation, in a collective effort to reduce pollution, traffic and costs otherwise brought by private car ownership

One of the ways we can see these principles become implemented are in the car rental market, where consumers today are looking to rent cars directly from each other using various platforms, instead of going through traditional rental firms. With this relatively new way of renting cars, we here strive to tell you all about how these very platforms work, which distribute private rental of cars.

Today, the Swedish market for this type of rental mainly consists of two companies, SnappCar and GoMore. These connect car owners with consumers who are looking to rent cars in their proximity, and provide two similar platforms for the two parties to manage bookings, transactions etc.


SnappCar, originally from Holland, exists today partly in Sweden after acquiring the Swedish company Flexidrive in 2015. Besides from Sweden and Holland, the company operates in Germany and Denmark as well.

SnappCar provides you with easy access to cars in your neighborhood or local, where you simply type in your location and subsequently get access to all available cars in your area, which are provided by car owners who in their turn have registered for the site. You can here decide whether to search for cars within 1, 5, 10, 25 or 50 kilometers. Once you have located a car of interest, you send an inquiry to rent it for your desired period of time. Upon acceptance from the owner, all that is left is to pay for the hire and arrange for handover of the keys. It is not at all unusual for a wide range of cars to be available for selection, and we can for example see bigger more practical vehicles available such as a Land Rover Defender, as well as more exclusive cars as the BMW i3, and cheaper alternatives as the Seat Ibiza. Each ad for available vehicles contain more information about the car, such as possible equipment it might have, for example GPS, air condition or winter tires. You also find the conditions that apply for renting the car, which can vary depending on the owner’s preferences.


GoMore is an alternative to SnappCar which operates in basically the same way, the website however provides you with alternatives for leasing vehicles as well, and a service for carpooling.

As with the aforementioned example, you type in your location and then receive information as to what cars are available in your area. GoMore, or rather its users, provide you with a great range of cars from small to large vehicles in different price ranges. Here you have to fulfill some terms as well in order to be allowed the rental, which can vary depending on the car owner. Standard for GoMore is however that you are at least 23 years old and have had your driver’s license for a minimum of three years. In one ad we can see that the owner requires you to rent the car for at least four hours, however you are allowed to drive it in both Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany.