Eco Aware

Today, cars make up approximately 20 % of Sweden’s total emissions. This results in the emitting of substances that causes acidification of our lands and water, leading to eutrophication of lakes and oceans. The emissions also affect our respiratory tract, and particles from tires and roads worsen the air we breathe in the cities, causing a shorter life span for its inhabitants. Another problem we face in Sweden is the noise caused by traffic. Almost two million people are exposed to traffic volumes that exceed the benchmark set up by the government for noise outside your residence. And out of these, more than 1,5 million people are considered to be bothered by the noise, a problem we will see worsen in the coming years as traffic levels are increasing. Not only does the traffic cause more noise, it also entails more emissions as cars will be idling more than before, and apart from that, the increase in cars we see means these will all have to be taken care of sooner or later once they are no longer usable. In short, there is no question that our planet is facing an imminent threat, caused by a rising population with a rising demand.

These are some of the effects you can keep in mind when you consider buying a new car, because besides the economic and practical perks of renting a car rather than owning one, there are the environmental benefits as well. If you embrace the principles of the sharing economy and choose not to own a car, which in reality is not being used most of the time anyway, you are making an active decision which contributes to the preservation of our planet. Getting around without your own car might seem hard, especially if you are used to owning one, however today we are blessed with new solutions for car rental which makes it possible to get access to cars in your area, through the usage of new platforms that connect car owners and people in need of renting one. There are today two companies in Sweden that offer this type of solution, SnappCar and Gomore, which you can read more about in the section How does it work. These contribute to inhibiting the increasing level of cars on the roads, and encourage people to take part of the sharing economy’s perks. SnappCar’s goal is to lower the amount of cars in Europe by 1 % by 2018, and they share how we today have over 250 million cars in Europe which stand still more than 23 hours of the day.

These types of solutions give us the possibility to manage our transportation needs in smarter ways. At the same time, you are saving in on your economy and acting more beneficially for the environment. Being able to do this all at once would have been much harder just a few years ago, but with a collective strive towards more sustainable solutions resulting in ideas such as the sharing economy, we are able to much more with much less. So don’t forget that today there exists all sorts of tools for serving your needs in more efficient ways, and that it is easier than ever before to get more for less.