Owning your own car definitely its perks, especially the fact that you have access to a means of transportation right outside the door. But it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and costs. However with the solutions offered today, it is in fact possible to get rid of the costs and practical issues that car ownership entails, and still get easy access to a vehicle – only when you need it. Here you will find more information about just how flexible and easy it can be to use the new ways of renting a car that we have today.


An issue many might fear when they turn to renting a car is that they will not get the model they’re looking for. However if we look at for example the range of cars offered by SnappCar, i.e. by their users, we see that there is often a great selection of different models in different price ranges. The range will of course vary depending on your location, but finding what is available in your area is quick and easy, and many different cities in Sweden offer a wide range of cars. For example if we search for available cars in Gothenburg, there are smaller economical cars, larger more practical models as well as more exclusive alternatives offered. If none of the available cars offered by SnappCar’s users match your preferences, you can always try the selection with Gomore, and vice versa.


Traditional leasing usually requires long term commitments, can strike you with hidden costs, and offer fewer miles. Gomore however offers Gomore Leasing, where you are only required to sign up for 12 months, get 24.000 free kilometers per year and included winter tires, service and insurance. But what makes their solution especially stand out is the fact that you are allowed to rent your car out to other people during the lease period. This gives you the possibility to finance a vehicle which otherwise might have been too expensive, and Gomore explains how their customers in average gain more than half of the leasing fee from renting the car out. As an example of how this solution would reduce your costs, they have a fee of 2 699 SEK a month(which is the equivalent to the fee of a Nissan Micra), where you through renting it out four times a month for 300 SEK per occasion, can lower the fee to 1 499 SEK.

After one year you are offered a new car, and together with the possibility to rent it out, you will then always be able to drive a new car for a relatively low sum. Some examples of the cars they offer for lease are the Nissan Juke, Fiat 500 and Citroen C4 Cactus.


So how does a typical hire through the services offered by GoMore and SnappCar look? They both have more or less the same system, which will be explained here. After you have located a car you wish to rent, you simply send a request to the owner and, once its been accepted, pay online through the respective website. You then arrange with the owner for handover of the keys, and then return it to the owner once the rent period is over. For example if you live in the city and need a car just for a day, this is the perfect solution for you to avoid parking problems. Longer rentals are of course possible as well. Depending on the owner’s terms, you can rent a car from just a few hours up to several weeks. In order for a secure experience for both you and the car owner, support and insurance is offered along with the rental. You will find more about how this works in the section Security.